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Showroom of Base Model Teardrop Camper Trailers in Oregon

The Scout (5x8) $14,289

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New for 2018 is our Scout teardrop. It is our lightest off road offering with a dry weight of under 1500lbs. It will come standard with the One Tonne Timbren Axle Less suspension system, a Lock N Roll full articulating hitch, with black steel wheels wrapped with 30x9.5R15 tires. The “Jeep” style fenders allow additional clearance for larger and more aggressive tires. The Scout will come with a lighter suspension and 2″X2″ tube frame construction to achieve a lighter more economical weight. Similar to our Recon teardrop, there are steel wall support tabs to help endure the off road adventures you seek. Along with these unique features, it will come equipped with many of our standard features available on all of our teardrops.

The Sashay $11,199 (5x7)

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The Sashay is the most economical and lightest teardrop we build. For the best and most cost effective way to join the teardrop family, the Sashay is your teardrop. The lightest of our teardrop family,  the Sashay can be towed by small cars, vans, and trucks.

The Trek $12,199 (5x8)

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The Trek is the choice for teardroppers who want a perfect blend of size and convenience. It is based on our 5x8 fully boxed steel frame. If equipped with a 72″ mattress, the galley fits all of our standard cabinets only available on our larger teardrops. With a fairly moderate tow weight, it is easily pulled by Subarus and other mid-size sedans/wagons.

The Sojourn $13,689 (5x8.5)

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The Sojourn is our most popular teardrop. It’s the perfect size that blends convenience with lots of storage and ample galley room. It begins with a 2x3 fully boxed steel frame for extreme durability. With a little bit heavier dry weight than the Sashay or the Trek, the Sojourn can be towed by mid sized sedans, vans, and trucks. The additional space provided allows for even more configuration options for the galley.

The Recon $15,789 (5x8.5)

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The Recon is based off of our Sojourn chassis. A 2x3 fully boxed steel frame will take almost anything you can throw at it. Along with the long list of standard features our other teardrops come with, it comes standard with the Timbren Axle-less system. The frame also has additional supports for the walls to handle off road duties. It also has the Lock N Roll hitch system which will allow full articulation and smooth towing capability. The “Jeep” style fenders allow additional clearance for larger and more aggressive tires. If you’re looking to find an off road teardrop that can handle more than just the average campground, the Recon is for you!

The Epic $16,789 (5x10)

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The Epic is our largest teardrop trailer offering. Even at this length and with the heaviest dry weight of all our trailers, the Epic can still be towed by a majority of vehicles on the road. Similar to our Sojourn, it also comes standard with a 2x3 fully boxed steel frame. The “epic” size guarantees a galley even a professional chef would be envious of. This unit can be equipped with the standard 24″ deep galley or opt for the spacious 36″ deep galley.