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Teardrop Models

Introducing the newest member of our Teardrop Model Family

SASHAY   5 ft x 7 ft Teardrop    $8,700

Dry Weight is 850 lbs (without cargo/upgrades),  perfect fit for  most small cars.

 Sashay ll




      The Sojourn   5 ft x 8 ft Teardrop    $10,100

Dry Weight is 1.000 lbs   (without cargo/upgrades)

 Green Sojourn


The Sojourn Plus   5 ft x 8 ft 6 in  Teardrop  $10,700

Dry Weight is 1.100 lbs   (without cargo/upgrades)

Sojourn Plus




   The Epic   5 ft x 10 ft Teardrop  $11,700

Dry Weight is 1.300 lbs   (without cargo/upgrades)

        Epic Web



Actual Weighs depending on upgrade options and what you put into your Teardrop

Check your  Vehicle Owners Manuel  to find out how much weight your vehicle can tow and the recommended Tongue Weight

The tongue weighs require some special attention depending on the vehicle you are pulling it with.  The math says the optimal tongue weight should be between 10% and 15% of the body weight of the teardrops. Some smaller vehicles really need to stay in that 10% range even after they get a tongue box installed with a deep cycle battery and a load of other cargo in the box.If the trailer is to light it will hobby horse and you would feel the jerking sensation in the car.  If it is to heavy it will put to much weight on your vehicle suspension, and the front of the car will feels likes it is lifting up. For this reason, when we design the chassis, we like to know the recommended tongue weight, and towing weight capacity of the primary car that will be pulling it. We make all of our chassis with 3 locations to position the axel. We will discuss the cargo you will be carrying and where to place the axle to get the desired Tongue Weight’


 Our Teardrops are built using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials to withstand the Northwest climate.

Our chassis made from 2×3″ steel tub. (stronger than most teardrops ) 

We use  11 ply Baltic birch plywood with a cosmetic birch finish and exterior grade glue

We seal out Teardrops in several ways to prevent moisture leak

You sleep in a comfortable bed, up off the ground in a warm dry interior and feel safe within our hardshell with locking doors

Teardrops are allowed to set up in most tent camping sites, and they don’t require time consuming set up or tear down

Easy to TOW, inexpensive to maintain, minimal effect on gas mileage



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